Swiss literature in translation

ch Series is a ch Foundation project aimed at promoting literary exchange between Switzerland's four language regions. The main area of focus of ch Series is proposing and supporting the translation of selected works by Swiss authors. Since its establishment in 1974, and with the support of all 26 Swiss cantons, ch Series has seen around eight works by Swiss authors translated into another of Switzerland's languages every year. The aid provided by ch Series takes the form of a subsidy towards printing costs.

As well as promoting translations of literary works, ch Series also supports bridge-building across cantonal, linguistic and cultural borders by organizing a variety of small- and larger-scale events, readings and meetings.


Hubert GIGER: Die Hexe von Dentervals

Hubert GIGER: Die Hexe von Dentervals

La stria da Dentervals
Übersetzung / Traduction / Traduzione: Jano Felice Pajarola
verlag die brotsuppe
SFr. 32.00, ISBN 978-3-905689-48-8


Da Rousseau a Starobinski

Gianfranco D’ANNA: Albert Thebell, Physiker und Fälscher

Il Falsario
Übersetzung / Traduction / Traduzione: Barbara Sauser
verlag die brotsuppe
SFr. 28.00, ISBN 978-3-905689-49-5


Da Rousseau a Starobinski

Roger Francillon: Da Rousseau a Starobinski

De Rousseau à Starobinski
Übersetzung / Traduction / Traduzione: Gabriella Soldini
Armando Dadò editore, Locarno
SFr. 20.00, ISBN 978-88-8281-340-6




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hubert GIGER, Die Hexe von Dentervals

Hubert GIGER

Die Hexe von Dentervals

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