Date Summary
7th - 9th January 2013 Government Seminar of the ch Foundation
31st May 2013 ch Series at schools
Deadline for meetings with authors and their translators.
30th November 2013 Eingabefrist Prix | Premio | Premi
Oertli-ch – Translation prize for grammar school graduation theses.


Information on other events is available on the website of our exchange platform GO.

Press releases

Solothurn, 4.9.2014 – ExcursionPLUS, Bridge over the language barriers (de, fr, it)

Solothurn, 26.09.2013 – European Language Label for innovative model projects (de, fr, it)

Solothurn, 4.7.2013 – European programmes of education, further education and youth: 7000 Swiss participants benefit (de, fr)

Solothurn, 19.04.2013  - JUFO III (de)

Solothurn, 16.07.2012 - A positive result (de)

Solothurn, 11.07.2011 – Switzerland is mobilizing: Successful first Call for Proposals for the European programmes of education, further education and youth  (de, fr)

Solothurn, 1.10.2010 – The Swiss Competence Centre for exchange and mobility introduces an information and advisory service

Press release dated 30 March 2010: 2010 Monitoring Federalism report (de)