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The ch Series is a project run by the ch Foundation for Federal Cooperation. It has been supporting literary translations between the country's national languages since 1974 in the form of grants towards printing costs. In this way, it encourage literary exchange across linguistic barriers. Each year, between five and eight books by Swiss authors are translated into another of the country's national languages. This makes this series of books the smallest universal library in the world. It presents an exquisite selection of contemporary Swiss literature in the form of the translator's oeuvre. It is the most wonderful proof that translations provide the fifth volume of Swiss literature.
The ch Series is funded by voluntary contributions from all cantons. In addition to promoting literary translation, the ch Series organizes a variety of small and medium-sized events, as well as readings and opportunities to meet author-translator teams within Swiss secondary schools.
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Literary event 4+1


The next literary event will take place on 10 and 11 March 2017 in Chur.
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Fin de trêve

Rohner, Werner

Fin de trêve


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